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Welcome to the inaugural entry of The Moogle Report, aka the OOC Revenance Recap! I am Farli, player of Agent Carolina and Lin Beifong, and I will be your host for this post.

The Moogle Report is intended to help players old and new catch up with general game details and continuing plot shenanigans - these are things that might have missed due to recently joining, coming back from hiatus, or having simply forgotten over time due to the game's slow pacing. (It happens, don't worry, we've all been there.)

Assuming this works as intended and folks find this a handy thing to have, the recap will be posted once a month approximately one week after the official Week Change post.

This week, I'll be covering a few details about the Plot of Revenance, our existing worlds, what's going on in Equestria, and maybe some details on week changes iffin we got time.

How Did You Get Here? )

Game Time )

The Dream Worlds )


And that's it for this week's recap! Next time, we'll have a recap on those loveable dream eater critters, and provide an update on any new plot developments with the latest week change.

Got a suggestion for something you'd like to see included here on a regular basis? Can you think of ways to make this better, or have you questions for your fellow players? Comment here, feedback is welcome and wanted!
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Like her mother before her, Lin Beifong is an earthbender, someone with geokinetic abilities that allow her to manipulate the earth element. It can be used both defensively and offensively. She is able to manipulate earth and rock to do her bidding, such as make pillars of earth rise from the ground or sink holes into the earth, move stone walls and throw boulders telekinetically.

While she is not able to manipulate sand to the same degree as Toph once could, Lin is still an exceptionally skilled Earth Bender, able to use the following specialised sub-skills: metalbending and seismic sense.

Seismic sense allows earth benders with advanced skill to 'see' around them through vibrations in the earth, mentally mapping the world around them at 360 degrees and allowing the earthbender to see beyond immediate line-of-sight. To operate, the user needs direct contact with the ground, preferably without something like shoes in between - Lin uses metalbending to peel back her boots when using this technique. This does not work on surfaces that lack some form of connection to the earth element(such as ice) and the user cannot see anything that is not touching the ground in some fashion (meaning something airborn or floating in water will not be detected).

Metalbending, once thought to be impossible, was developed by Toph Beifong during the 100 Year War, after she learned how to manipulate the earth properties held within metal itself. She went on to teach this ability to specific students that showed aptitude, and after founding the police force of Republic City, metalbending became one of the primary skills taught to earthbending officers. Their primary means of policing involves the use and manipulation of metal wires. Carried as part of their uniform, two cylindrical spools are attached to their armor at the back, and the metallic cables extend through the arm, through grooves set at the wrist. These compacted metal wires can be extended or retracted, and are often bent with enough force to cling to solid earth or to wrap around a person.

While initially requiring physical contact with the element, Toph further developed her ferrokinesis technique to allow manipulation at range, and her daughter Lin picked up where she left off. She has such fine control that she can snap Tarrlok's gavel in half while at range with a metal cable, while also being able to rip apart the hull of the Equalist airships pursuing the air benders; from what we see of her in the series, she seems to favour metalbending, depending on the situation.

However, metalbending still has its drawbacks. The greater a metal's purity, the harder it is to manipulate - in-series, platinum proved immune to metalbending techniques as it lacked the raw elements needed. And as most metalbenders wear metal armor, this leaves them vulnerable to both magnetic and electrical attacks.

In combat, Bending techniques are used in tandem with specific martial arts fighting styles; earth bending uses moves based on the real-life Hung Gar martial arts form. However, like Toph, Lin tends to favour the Chu Gar (Southern Praying Mantis) style, and may alternate between the two if the situation calls for it.

In general, earthbenders are known for possessing greater physical strength than the average human, along with increased endurance. At 50, Lin is still very athletic and will not hesitate to wade into the fray if called for. She also has the benefit of experience as both an officer and the chief of police for Republic City to fall back on for any given situation.
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[IC Information]
Character Name: Lin Beifong ([personal profile] lessabrasive)
Series: Avatar: Legend of Korra
Gender: Female
Age: 50
Species: Human (Earth/Metal Bender)

Lin Beifong is a tall woman with confident bearing and solid poise. Perpetually stern of expression, she has high cheek bones, a sharp nose and her greying hair is worn conservatively short. Her eyes are a light green and her complexion borders on pale, indicating Earth Kingdom heritage; two dark lines of scarring mar her right cheek.

She wears the uniform of the Republic City police department: dark grey-black shirt and pants with golden trim cut in an Asian style, over which segmented pieces of black metal armor cover her arms and upper body. On her armor's chest plate, there are several indents over the left breast, where the badge signifying her former rank as Chief of Police has been removed. A set of spools are fixed to her back, with metal cables that run from her shoulder down along her arms (under the armor); these cables can then be manipulated at will from the wrist. This armor protects her against any chi-blocking attacks that might temporarily disable her bending abilities. A matching pair of knee high boots with retractable metal soles finish the look.


A blunt, rather uncompromising woman, 'abrasive' is a good word to use when describing Lin Beifong's personality to the uninitiated, and Lin herself would be the first to agree with its use. She doesn't see the point in sugarcoating facts, and is to-the-point on most issues. This can make her very intimidating, particularly if you have the misfortune of being on the receiving end of her sharp tongue.

That's not to say that she cannot be diplomatic - one doesn't get to the rank of police chief and have to handle the city council without learning a few tricks, after all, and she also learnt the necessary double-speak for wrangling the media. However, that doesn't mean she like politics, especially when said politics are used to interfere with her duties to Republic City.

Lin is strict, and sets high standards for both herself and those around her - and boy, does she let people know it when they fail to meet them! If you're going to make much of yourself in her eyes, you had better be able to back up words with actions. In spite of (or perhaps because) of her famous mother, Lin has worked hard from the ground up to get where she is, and doesn't have a lot of respect for those who ride on the coattails of the success of others. Preferring to lead by example, her relationship with her officers in the series show a high level of trust in them, and they in turn greatly respect her. When Amon captured her metalbender squad, Lin personally swore to go find them, and her sorrow at being too late to prevent the loss of their bending was unfeigned.

Those that know her can at least trust she'll never be less than truthful with them. She is a protector by nature, and will never bend her knee to a corruptive influence that would use that against the innocent. She tends to relax her guard a little around younger children, and unbends (so to speak) from being quite so rigid around individuals that have managed to gain her respect. Once earned, her loyalty is unfeigned.

But once trust is lost, well, you'll have your work cut out for you getting it back - Lin is more than capable of holding a grudge. Just ask Tenzin! (Though let's be fair here: being left for a woman fifteen years your junior would leave anyone feeling sour.)

However, whatever her personal feelings regarding a matter or even a specific individual, Lin is able to set aside her personal differences with others when working for the greater good - her dedication to the people of Republic City is one of her core values, and maintaining order has always been her number one priority.

- Police Chief armor
Dark grey mental armor with gold trim, this predominantly covers her upper body, arms. She also has footwear sporting retractable soles for instances where the use of seismic sense is needed.
- Yuans
Republic City currency.
- Metal cables
Part and parcel with the uniform.

...Sadly, she did not get to bring her incredibly awesome trench coat with. Perhaps she can pick up an equally sweet replacement in Traverse Town at some point.


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